Ingrid M. Smith

Ingrid was born of migrant parents and grew up on the far south coast of rural New South Wales. Her Danish father and English mother encouraged reading at every level. The family home was full of books in different languages of every subject possible. One of her earliest memories is of being curled up on the battered old divan with her mother reading out loud.
Ingrid began writing very early, winning prizes whilst still at  primary school. Aged 14 years, she was runner-up in a national writing contest for school students, sponsored by Peter Leyden Publishing.

Ingrid has numerous short story and article publications both overseas and in Australia. Inspired by the many and varied experiences of her own life, Ingrid writes mainly non-fiction stories and articles although she has been known to turn her hand to light-hearted science fiction (Assignment: Earth) and the occasional poem:(White Nappies) (Kings of the Marketplace). When she writes, she likes to leave the reader ‘with something different to think about and is always delighted to hear from her readers.


When not busy with her own writing, Ingrid does pre-publication reviewing/editing for American and British science fiction/fantasy writers.

 Ingrid is married to Peter, a mainframe computer software engineer, whom she calls her greatest supporter and severest critic when it comes to her writing. The couple has one daughter.

 Motivated by the near-blindness of her now deceased mother, one of Ingrids goals is to make a wide range of reading choices available to people with visual difficulties. She also works to encourage more reading in the younger generations and to convince them that although e-books have their place in this rapidly changing world, the best sort of books actually have paper pages.’

She is very proud to be an active member of The Society of Women Writers of Western Australia.

Ingrid first book, Little Australian Pony Girl,  tells the true tale of a young girl growing up on a small pony farm and is illustrated with over 100 photographs. A specially edited e-book version is also available on Amazon.

 Her first novel, an Australian saga set in rural New South Wales, entitled Where the Waratahs Bloom, will be released later this year. She is currently working on her next novel based on life in a Sydney boarding house in the 1980s.