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Maxine Spencer

Maxine was born in a rural country town hospital in the mid-1950’s, grew up on a farm in harsh conditions and then attended a boarding school many miles away from her family. This gave Maxine her resilience and determination that she is well known for. 

Maxine was a school teacher for over thirty-seven years before retiring. During this time, she navigated her way through the many trials and tribulations that life presented, learning many life lessons along the way.

When Motivational Maxine first appeared on the scene, she saw a glimpse of herself walking beside others to support them in improving their own lives by using the skills she already possesses, in addition to the many varied experiences she has had.  This is what inspires Maxine.

Maxine’s writing was first published at the tender age of eight in newspapers that continued into her early teens. More recently she has contributed stories to 2 other books, Stories from the Swinging Sixties and Telling Tales and is the author of Book One, The Bubble is Born and Book Two, Bursting the Bubble.

Maxine can be contacted via email at   motivationalmaxine@yahoo.com     

Book One ‘The Bubble Is Born – Understanding Where Your Limiting Beliefs Come From’ is about discovering where your limiting mindset (bubbles), originates and how these limiting beliefs impact our lives.

Maxine takes you on the journey of her life through the latter part of the twentieth century and shows how her own bubble was created.  Maxine reflects honestly as she delves into her past, which has enabled her to bring an awareness to who she was and why.

With this new knowledge, YOU will have the opportunity to investigate the beginning of your own bubble and truly understand more yourself.



Book Two ‘Bursting the Bubble – Releasing Your Limiting Mindset is about dispelling the limiting mindset that has held you back. 

Maxine continues to share her own journey into the twenty-first century.  She discovered that this was the perfect time to explore and implement an alternative way of thinking, communicating and participating in life.  Using this new knowledge, along with all the insights gleaned from her past, she released the limiting mindset that had burdened her for long.  

Bursting the Bubble will give you the opportunity to learn how to burst your own bubble and live a life with more freedom and passion!



Updated 15th July 2022