Members Acknowledgments


Lyn Bodycoat

Lyn is the author of A Rough Road, which she wrote as a testament to Flo, her grandmother, as she realised the hardship involved for women with families during the Depression, particularly for migrants.

"A Rough Road" is a ghost memoir. The story describes Flo and Bill Brown's arrival in WA after escaping The Troubles.  Their homesickness pervades the text as a life of struggle during the Depression unfolds. The decade leading up to WW 2 provides opportunities that strengthens them and Flo and Bill emerge as stronger individuals as they envelope the challenges that life throws at them.


Shirley Rowland

A long-time member of several writing groups, I joined my first one in 1998. I joined The Society of Women Writers WA in August 2010.

I write short stories in a variety of genres, dabble in poetry and have attempted several novels. My short stories have been published in twenty-four group anthologies to date.

I have just self-published my first novel, Return to Crossways on  It is a romantic home-coming story set in rural Australia. More information can be found on my website at


Asha Rajan

Asha is a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction. She is currently working on a novelette that grew from a series of flash fiction pieces. Asha is published in a variety of places including Modern LossPANKDead Housekeeping, YeahWrite and SheKnows.

She blogs at

You can follow Asha on Twitter @asha_on_45.