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Lyn Bodycoat

A Rough Road and Moments at Marathon, by Lyn Bodycoat, both tell stories about life in Western Australia during the nineteen twenties and thirties, when settlement was in its infancy and individuals overcame adversity in their struggles to carve out a living. The two stories are a testament to the human spirit, though happiness abounds amidst hardship. Both are ghost memoirs as I recount the stories told to me by my grandmother, in A Rough Road, and then by my father in Moments at Marathon.

I am currently writing a work of fiction, full of suspense and intrigue, and enjoying the process!  

Find out more about Lyn's books on the following site



Shirley Rowland

A long-time member of several writing groups, I joined my first one in 1998. I joined The Society of Women Writers WA in August 2010.

I write short stories in a variety of genres, dabble in poetry and have attempted several novels. My short stories have been published in twenty-four group anthologies to date.

I have just self-published my first novel, Return to Crossways on amazon.com.  It is a romantic home-coming story set in rural Australia. More information can be found on my website at www.shirleyrowland.wordpress.com



Updated 15th July 2022