Members' Online Acknowledgments



I have been a member of Women’s Writers WA since 1997. As I live 200 miles from Perth, I belong to a writer’s Circle and contribute to “Dreamweavers” magazine. I write short stories, poetry and articles on various subjects, including accounts of my travels to a number of overseas countries, the last of these being Nepal in 2007. I have also recently completed a children’s story.

In 2002, I won a prize for my poem “Fishing” which was also published in “Galloping On XIII.” Although I haven’t achieved a lot, I enjoy writing and battle hopefully on.


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Raelene Hall lives on a station in the East Gascoyne. She has written articles for print and online publications on varied topics including; education, Outback life, communications, nature, spirituality, families, technology, and the environment.

Raelene has self published a book of columns she wrote for the Geraldton ‘Midwest Times’.
She is interested in freelance writing, copywriting and editing. Contact her at

As well as her writing, Raelene is kept busy as editor and publisher of ‘Pedals’, the magazine of the ‘Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association’ as well as being Writing Circles Coordinator for the Society of Women Writers.



Lyn Bodycoat

Lyn is the author of A Rough Road, which she wrote as a testament to Flo, her grandmother, as she realised the hardship involved for women with families during the Depression, particularly for migrants.

"A Rough Road" is a ghost memoir. The story describes Flo and Bill Brown's arrival in WA after escaping The Troubles.  Their homesickness pervades the text as a life of struggle during the Depression unfolds. The decade leading up to WW 2 provides opportunities that strengthens them and Flo and Bill emerge as stronger individuals as they envelope the challenges that life throws at them.