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Members Acknowledgments


Margaret Ferrell

Following a career in education in Scotland and England, in 1985 I added to my B.A degree a Graduate Diploma in English at Curtin University, achieving Distinction.    

For The West Australian I reviewed books for several years.

At SWWWA, I gave a talk on book reviewing.  Later, I became editor of Montage magazine.

My fiction and poetry have been commended in Bronze Quill Competitions, poetry published in magazines and currently online with WA Poets Creatrix journals of haiku and poetry.

I have given poetry readings and published a book of my poetry entitled Perceptions – with a foreword by Elizabeth Jolley.

Reading and writing moves me.  If I can evoke a response in a reader, then I am grateful. 



Lesley Nazzari
While I haven't had a book printed, I have had one or two short poems in an Anthology run by a newspaper some years ago.I don't have an English Degree but I do enjoy words and writing. I particularly enjoy writing and reading poetry. 
I have been involved with writing groups since 2000, and currently run the Goldfields Writers Group, and have done for the last couple of years.
Goldfields Writers Group meet at the library on the final Sunday of each month, and the second Thursday of each month. We plan to compile an anthology of writing and poetry about the Goldfields sometime next year.
If you wish to join the group drop into the library on one of our meeting days and we will make you welcome.


Francess Day

Francess Day publishes a monthly book chapter blog at  www.broadening-horizons.com.au exploring family patterns, history & impact of trauma. Sophie’s journey of discovering what her grandmother Alida’s life was like, and how it what it should have been like is compared with Sophie and her aunt Bea’s experience; both having lived in the same region. This is an innovative publication style. FB page https://www.facebook.com/Alida-Gets-Life-201127097058683/

Her first textbook, and a workbook (both printed) to help people understand / recover from trauma [PTSD] are also available via www.broadening-horizons.com.au, which includes links to academic papers about support groups she’s run since mid-90’s. Currently a specialist counsellor for PTSD & Relationships.



Updated 15th July 2022