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Nada Lubay


Nada Lubay was born in Croatia and, at the tender age of twenty-two, emigrated to Australia. She has lived in Perth, Western Australia, for more than forty years and would never live anywhere else.

Nada had a successful career in Vocational Education Training, working for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and was passionate about helping young students, some from dysfunctional family backgrounds. She was instrumental in them gaining employment and becoming productive members of the community.

Nada’s life dramatically changed when she left the workforce to raise her infant granddaughter. Battling the court system to secure a safe environment for her granddaughter, she works tirelessly to gain recognition and equal standing for the thousands of grandparent carers who are also raising their grandchildren due to a broken society.

The Silent Heroines is Nada’s first novel.

She is currently writing her second novel, Angel with a Broken Wing, which will be released in early 2023.



The Silent Heroines

A Story of Grandparent Carers


What happens when a family falls apart, for whatever reason? Be it drugs, alcohol, mental illness or domestic violence, children are caught in the middle, and they suffer. But who will step in to save them?

This dilemma faced Donna, a migrant mother, when she realised that her own infant grandchild had been born into a bad situation. Isabella was neglected, a child at risk, when Donna and Tom commenced the long battle through the Family Court to save her.

Shedding a much-loved career to take on the role of Grandparent carer, Donna soon realised she was not alone. Thousands of grandparents were raising their grandchildren, most without any support, except from each other.

This is a story of sacrifice, ingenuity, pain and hilarity as this widening band of women keep the wheels of ‘family’ turning ...

They are the ‘Grandcarers’ ... and Donna was now one of them.

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