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Writing Circles


The Society offers members the opportunity to be part of a Writing Circle, where your work can be critiqued in a supportive environment as you work towards improving or polishing your stories, poems, articles to their final product.

Writing Circles link women writers across the State, eight women to a group where possible.

Circles operate by surface mail or by email and provide the opportunity to learn your craft by reading and critiquing other women's writing while gaining comment on your own.  

Most of our mail out Circles have been operating since The Society began thirty years ago. Recently, coming into the era of technology, email Circles were introduced, making the delivery of magazines quicker and simpler.

Current Writing Circles are:

Mail Out -

  • Carousel
  • Poets Pad

Email -

  • Cyberette
  • Odyssey
  • Pathfinder
  • Caliope


Circles are a great way to make friends and share your craft. 

Contact The Society for more information about joining.