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Raelene Hall


Raelene Hall is the publisher of ‘Pedals’ the National magazine of the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (Inc) Aust. She is also the voluntary editor of the magazine. Her passion for education for bush kids is what inspires her to these roles.


A freelance writer with a weekly column in the Midwest Times newspaper in Geraldton, Raelene has also self published a book titled ‘Legitimate Bush Woman’ which has sold out. 


See below for an example of one of Raelene’s more light-hearted columns.

Not a Selfie Stick!


Last night my neighbour gave me a present. I felt all warm and fuzzy until she took it out and I realised it was a selfie stick. Now some of you may wonder what on earth is wrong with being given a selfie ‘scope’ as this one is called. Not a thing except I have vowed and declared I’d never be seen dead using a selfie stick/scope or anything remotely resembling them. Fortunately my daughter had pre-warned my neighbour my aversion so she was well prepared for my hysteria. 


I probably should give you the back story as to why my neigbour would think a selfie scope would be useful for me. My beautiful neighbour and her equally gorgeous daughter sell a range of make up that I absolutely love. Every time I try a new lip colour or eye shadow I try, with absolute failure, to take a selfie to show them what it looks like. Every time I complain about my inability to take a half decent selfie. So one would think the answer would lie in a selfie stick -and it probably does.


My absolute hatred for the selfie stick stems from my years of travelling. Ever since these wretched things were invented they have been the bane of my life when trying to enjoy an overseas adventure. At every stop on a tour every second person would line up in front of the most incredible view, scenery or monument to ensure that every photo they took proved they had been there too. Meanwhile those of us with eyes or a camera would be waiting patiently for all the ‘stick’ lovers to get out of the way.


Having look at my selfie scope I see that they can be folded down to be quite small when not in use so why people find the need to walk around all the time with their phone stuck on the end of the stick is something else I haven’t been able to figure out. Not being the most patient of people there have been times when I have quietly (as in under my breath) offered to put someone’s selfie stick where the sun doesn’t shine!


So, whilst I now own a selfie stick, don’t expect to see me using it anywhere other than at home - although maybe I could entice some of the cattle to enjoy a selfie!


Raelene can be contacted via email at  kmkpublishing@gmail.com