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Due to the Covid 19 health situation,

all Society general meetings have been cancelled

until further notice.


At this time, our meeting room bookings

have been suspended until June 30

when the health situation will be reassessed.


We will continue to send out the In Print newsletter

and hope you will use this quiet period

to put pen to paper

to enter the Ethel Webb Bundell competition

to contribute stories to the In Print Magazine

and partake of the writing challenges

through the various means

we will use to occupy your writing time.

Why not write a novel?


All Workshops have been postponed

until further notice.

The Marathon, however, is still on the calendar

and a decision will be made as to its conduct

by the middle of next week

depending on the escalation of Covid 19.


Committee meetings will be conducted by email

depending on the business required in this quiet period.