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Anne-Marie Price




Anne-Marie is Perth born and bred, and proud of it.  Writing is in the blood of the Price family, Anne-Marie being the fourth generation of writers.  She has high hopes for one niece who is showing a promising aptitude for writing.

She has had success publishing short stories, articles, as well as novels.  Anne-Marie has a degree in Library and Information Studies as well as having attended various short courses in Creative Writing.  She has also completed a three year correspondence course of Comprehensive Creative Writing.

Anne-Marie has been a member of The Society of Women Writers WA since 2009, snding that time as a writing tutor, secretary and a committee member.


Anne-Marie does not write in only one genre, with stories having been written in Historical Romance, Supernatural, Modern Romance, Spy/Thriller, Fantasy and Young Adult. The novel she has currently published - “Stirling Trilogy” is a Historical Romance set in the dangerous times following the battle of Waterloo. “King James’ Bible” is a Supernatural Modern Romance where the heroine is a ghost counsellor who helps troubled spirits to cross over into the light. “Hostage of Diplomacy” takes the readers into the modern and dangerous world of Australian diplomats in the Middle East.

Upon the eve of the 20th anniversary of her grandfather’s death, the Reverend Sidney Price, a manuscript of his came to light that the family had not known existed.  Anne-Marie self published this book in time for the anniversary as it was a prediction of the changing views of religions that is taking place right now.



Publication Achievements



The Stirling Trilogy – Breed, Masquerade and ConspiracyJan 2016

The Search for the King James’ BibleAug 2015

Hostage of DiplomacyAug 2015


Short Stories

The Coward’s LamentLest We Forget Anthology Nov 2015

New Zealand Tour In Print Magazine Feb 2011

The Red Brick Dream In Print Magazine May 2010

Wild Flower Anthology MS Society Dec 2008

The Enemy The Reader’s World Apr 2003

Just Another Day in the Park The Reader’s World Dec 2002

The Haunted House The Reader’s World Sept 2002


Articles - Reviews

Scooby Doo A Taste of Childhood Anthology 2016

Synopsis Writing Workshop In Print Magazine June 2012

E Marketing Workshop In Print Magazine May 2012

A Decent Proposal Workshop In Print Magazine April 2012

Sex, Lies and Literature In Print Magazine March 2012

Personal Branding Workshop In Print Magazine March 2012



God – Metaphorically Speaking The God of All People by Sidney H Price  -  Ocean Publishing 2006

Mid Winter Murder Mystery Play - All Saints Anglican Church 2005