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Shirley Eldridge


Shirley Eldridge, having a background in psychology, spent many years working with Lifeline WA in counselling and suicide intervention training, and travelled the State with the LivingWorks suite of programs. These experiences, along with having lived in several different locations around Australia, have given Shirley a great insight into human behaviour.


The Rocky Girl – 2005. A memoir of growing up in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s in regional Queensland. Life in the late sixties was shattered by the murder of a close work colleague of Shirley’s.

Twenty-four Seven – 2009. Fiction. An insight into the world of telephone counselling. Cherie didn’t know how dangerous it could be.

Georgie Girl – 2010. Fiction. Sequel to 24/7. Set in a mining town in Central Queensland.

Mima – 2016. True Crime. This extended study reports on the abduction rape and murder of Mima McKim-Hill in 1967 in Central Queensland and the reinvestigation.

Edwin – 2020. Historical Fiction. Based on real events of the early settlement of Central Queensland. The flamboyant Edwin Macaree was wild and innovative.


All the above titles are available on Amazon as an eBook, or for hard copy contact Shirley on 0402152138 or eldridges@iinet.net.au